Pilot Ladder and safety

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Pilot Ladder and safety.

Again, pilot’s defective ladder broke during the pilot boarding operation.

Very fortunately, this accident had no fatal consequences but the drama is very spent near!

The safety of pilot’s transfers is the affair of all. We all owe be and remain very watchful on the state of pilot’s ladders.

On this page you will find a questionnaire in 21 points, developed in aid of ships.

We ask you to grant him the biggest attention and insure the widest possible distribution of it.

Pilot Ladder Questionnaire

1 Can pilot ladders be affected by sharp edges when in the deployed position?

2 If yes, what has been done to prevent this?

3 How many pilot ladders are on board?

4 How many pilot ladders are in use?

5 Is there a new / unused pilot ladder on board?

6 Are any pilot ladders permanently deployed?

7 Are pilot ladders in contact with the deck when in the stowed position?

8 Are pilot ladders stowed on a grating above the deck?

9 Are pilot ladders covered to offer protection from the weather?

10 When were pilot ladders delivered on board?

11 When were pilot ladders first brought into service?

12 How often are pilot ladders and their securing arrangements inspected?

13 Who carries out the inspections?

14 Is this recorded?

15 If yes, where?

16 How often are pilot ladders inspected by an independent third party?

17 Are ‘Certificates of Conformity’ and ‘Inspection Certificates’ for pilot ladders maintained in a file on board?

18 Are pilot ladders inspected whilst in the deployed position?

19 Are pilot ladders always deployed at the same level from the upper deck?

20 Who supervises pilot boarding?

21 Is there a copy of the International Maritime Pilots Association (IMPA) ‘Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilots’ poster displayed onboard?


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